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Prosinec 2010


31. prosince 2010 v 10:26 Diary
nastvala som sa...ale naozaj som sa nstvala... kaslem nato a idem robit rozcestniky... uff..mam co robit ... ale ..uz m ato nebavi... aaaaaa

takze...sa ospravedlnujem..ale .. IDA SA ROBIT

She's a fool. But mine....♥ 3 - Beh , stanica, kórejčina

30. prosince 2010 v 20:04 She's a fool. But mine...♥
Takz epokracko...fihaaa..ale som rychla :D O.o ...to bude asi tym, ze som naozaj vdacna  za vase komenty a pchvalu :)

a aj preto ,ze su prazdniny a mam cas :D

Takze...snad sa bude lubit i tato cast :)

Shining Star - Supernova

30. prosince 2010 v 11:32 Supernova/ Cho Shin Sung
ja viem..stara pesnicka..ale..KTO BY ICH NEMILOVAL? :D ♥♥♥♥

A tie pohybu ♦.♦ *.* ♥.♥

Yuna beriem si ich VSRKYYCH :D a ja chcem tie gateeeee ...aaaaaaaaaa *omdlela*

Predstavte si, ze tiepohyby vidite nNAZIVO ..aaaaaaaaaaa *skoda,ze je nesmrtelna* :D :D

She's a fool. But mine....♥ 2 - Palacinky

29. prosince 2010 v 18:00 She's a fool. But mine...♥

Tak...ako ste uz spravne uhadli..je JYJ :D
ale..presne ako je to v poviedke..moc tuto skupinu nemusim..ani nwm preco..proste..milovala som DBSK ..ale to stare DBSK ... ach :'( smutno mi je za nimi...

Jang Woo Hyuk reveals comeback teaser after 5-year hiatus

29. prosince 2010 v 11:47 News - k-pop :)
Ze Cool O . O..ani ho nepoznam..ale neva :D musim to napravit :D

Former H.O.T member Jang Woo Hyuk has been under the radar for 5 years. Completing his military service and his round of activities in China, fans back home began to wonder when they would hear from him again. Well 2011 will mark the year of his return, as Jang Woo Hyuk has announced that he'll be making a comeback to the Korean music industry with a brand new album!
The announcement was further supplemented by a short preview of his title track. In the video, the multi-talented star is seen casually strolling and poppin' down the street; there's also cuts of him playing around with a scratch set for a new song.
The song (title yet unknown) will be released on December 30th through various music sites.
A representative from Jang Woo Hyuk's management expressed, "A new concept video was revealed by combining Jang Woo Hyuk's fashion, music, and performances. This video was produced by fashion magazine, 'Dazed And Confused'."
The representative continued, 'Jang Woo Hyuk made the song himself for the video. This album preview is an end-of-the-year gift for his fans.'

Joo Ji Hoon (Ju Hun Ji)

28. prosince 2010 v 11:28
Joon Ji Hoon


  • Name: 주지훈 / Joo Ji Hoon (Ju Ji Hun)
  • Real name: Ju Young Hoon
  • Profession: Model and actor
  • Birthdate: 1982-May-16
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Height: 187cm
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Star sign: Taurus

TV Series



  • The 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Male) for "Antique Bakery" (2009)
  • 2006 MBC Drama Awards: New Actor Award
  • 2005 Style Magazine: Most Stylish Male Model
  • The Photographers' Association: Best Male Model (2005)
  • 2004 Best Dressed Model Award
  • 21st Swan Award: Best Outfit - Best Male Model


  • Education: Kyonggi University (Acting major)
  • Skills: Speed-reading and self defense
  • Hobbies: Games, swimming and basketball
Joon Ji Hoon

Ludia ,on je hriešne sexi O.o - Kim Jae Wook

28. prosince 2010 v 10:59 Kim JaeWook

Takže...po druhom prezretí Antique Bakery..ach...nádherne shounenka :D

Takžee.... tu je najsexi herec... teda asi tretí najsexi herec ,akého poznám :D ale asi si poznmením rebríček :)

Kim Jae Wook

  • Name: 김재욱 / Kim Jae Wook
  • Profession: Actor and model
  • Birthdate: 1983-Apr-02
  • Height: 184cm
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Star sign: Aries
  • Blood type: B
Dramas/TV Shows
  • Antique Bakery (2008)
  • 2008 Asia Model Festival Awards: Special Male Model Award
  • Education: Seoul Institute of the Arts
Obrázky pod perexom.. oplatia sa pozrieť..a najmä tá čerešnička :) ♥

w-inds - Another world + download

28. prosince 2010 v 10:25 Japan
Ale že úplne žeriem :D tie pesničky...okrem dvoch xD :D ale ..úplne :D ooooo
A ze su to Japonci :) sice..odo mna o 20 centi ci aj 30 nizsi...ale  tie hlasy ^^



01 Intercode
02 New World
04 Re-vision
05 Nothing Is Impossible
06 Rain Is Fallin' (Feat. G-DRAGON)
07 Some More
08 Don't Remind Me
09 In The Red
10 Truth~最後の真実~
12 Cos Of You
13 Prayer
14 Spiral
15 Everyday


a par pesniciek z albumu pod perexom :)

New SB :) ayumi-smejo

28. prosince 2010 v 9:28 Diplomy :)
Tak..snad sa bude pacit :) :)
PS: odporucam ist na blog :)

2pm pre ayumi-smejo

A pre mna...ooo...uplne krasny ^^

ayumi-smejo pre mna
No nie su spolu zlati ^^

New Story : She is a fool. But mine... = 1. kap. - Kam som sa to dostala?

27. prosince 2010 v 18:42 She's a fool. But mine...♥
Nadobúdam pocit, že trpím chorobou "nedokončovaniepoviedokastálehopísanianových". Presno toto "krátke" pomenovanie mojej choroby vystihuje tú moju :D som blázon? tento deň a vlastne iba 365 dní v roku áno :D
Dáva tento člámnok zmysel? Mne hej :D ale asi len mne :D
A dnešok ma utvrdil v tom, že my dve s onee-chan sme úplne normálne ale tak naopak :D ach..asi by som mala končiť,že? No jo.. tak to je prvý dielik :D

Január - návr č. 1

25. prosince 2010 v 21:34 Diary
Takže... keďže moja sestričk anie je na FB a nijako inak jej to neviem ukázať dávam to sem. No.. chcem počuť i Vašu mienku.
Je to dobré??? Chceme si dať vytlačiť kalendár.. atento by bol Január :D (hups. šak to v nadpise xD)
No... tak ja nwm .. :/ :/ :/

Na januáry by bolo len SuJu a 2am :D

A ešte jedna vec..nie som veľmi dobrá v tomto..takže..gomene :/ :/

Januar 2am a SuJU

Pre KiknQu :) :)

24. prosince 2010 v 13:14 Diplomy :)
Dufam,ze sa bude pacit :)

Pre Kikinqa

MBLAQ's comeback

23. prosince 2010 v 16:40 MBLAQ

 MBLAQ's January Comeback, Taking Part in 'Escape Idol'

[Newsen Junwon Journalist]

MBLAQ's comeback is right before our eyes.

MBLAQ was originally scheduled to come back in November but with the reason of making up work the comeback had to be delayed. Without knowing the fans' anticipation was sky high this situation rose suddenly.

MBLAQ is going to the stage in the second week of next year's January. In this context a representative of the company in a phone conversation with Newsen said "For as long as they have prepared I believe they established their place within existing idols. You will be able to receive the much more refined feeling."

And now they revealed "This album was roughly around 13 tracks but is now scheduled for 15 tracks". In other words, lately idol groups release single albums to quickly sell their image but we can presume that MBLAQ is raising themselves to be 'singers' by enhancing their album with quality and perfection.

As for visuals, while keeping with the 'black' concept they've been emphasizing they've let us know that they will be showing a variety of images showing off their charms. In January 2011 with the K-Pop music comeback rush, anticipation is growing as to whether or not MBLAQ will properly solidify their position despite the expected results.

* T/N: Original word was 탈 아이돌, 탈 being in reference to a Chinese character meaning "To shed, to escape"... according to Daum research :x

SOURCE: [Nate News]


Bigbang - So hot

23. prosince 2010 v 16:34 Big bang - videá
...*konec* .... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

For Berunda :) new SB :)

23. prosince 2010 v 16:12 Diplomy :)
Taaak... snad s abud elubit :D
btw.  tie okuliare zboznujem :D


new SB :) Sebi-chan

23. prosince 2010 v 9:24 Diplomy :)
Snad sa bude pacit :)

doo joon sebi-chan

A pre mna... dakujeeeem :) nadherni su ... som skoro infark dosatala , ked som ich uvidela :D

for me from Sebi-chan


22. prosince 2010 v 15:19 F.Cuz videa

Uz som vravela ,ze ich zboznujem? :D

Actor Shin Sung Rok doesn’t think 187 cm is that tall

21. prosince 2010 v 18:51 News - k-pop :)
To s aneda inak povedat iba Rytmusovymmm ZABIL :D

Actor Shin Sung Rok personally labeled himself as a 'cute man', despite his height of 187 cm, while making an appearance on SBS's "Night After Night."

MC Kim Jae Dong questioned the actor on his statement by asking, "It's difficult to be cute at a height of 187 cm, isn't it?"

Shin Sung Rok replied, "187cm is not that tall," causing the studio to go into a frenzy over the ridiculous but hilarious statement. The actor continued, "I was disqualified from a lot of auditions for my height. When my seniors are acting, they tell me to come up wearing only socks."

CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa and Big Bang's Daesung refused to get over the fact that Shin Sung Rok called 187 cm 'not that tall.' Yonghwa commented, "One of our group members is 186 cm tall, and he only wears shoes with heels, making me, at 179 cm, look like a baby."

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate

Fotograf zachytil pochod štvrť milióna tučniakov

21. prosince 2010 v 18:45 News - all other :D
zlateeeee :) :) aj ja to chcem vidieeeet !! -_- :D zavidim -_-


Pochod tučniakov

Britskému fotografovi Nickovi Garbuttovi sa podarilo zachytiť túto úžasnú kolóniu tučniakov.
(Foto: Daily Mail)
Invázia tučniakov. Aj tak by sa dal opísať pochod štvrť milióna kráľovských tučniakov, ktoré žijú na odľahlom ostrove v Južnej Georgii na juhu Atlantického oceána.
Britskému fotografovi Nickovi Garbuttovi sa podarilo zachytiť túto úžasnú kolóniu tučniakov. Informoval zahraničný denník Daily Mail.
Na jednej snímke dokonca stojí tučniakom priamo zoči-voči. Kráľovské tučniaky sú veľmi družné zvieratá, ktoré sa zdravia tak, že si navzájom škrabkajú bruchá. Fotograf strávil pozorovaním zvierat až tri týždne.
Pochod tučniakov
Kolónie kráľovských tučniakov sú bežné v Južnej Georgii po celý rok.
(Foto: Daily Mail)
Plavil sa z argentínskeho mesta Ushuaia na Falklandské ostrovy a odtiaľ na vzdialený ostrov tučniakov.
"Bol som obklopený rôznymi zvukmi, pachmi a mal som možnosť na vlastné oči pozorovať obrovské množstvo tučniakov. Bol to úžasný pocit a skúsenosť," povedal Nick.
Ako dodal zvieratá sa pohybovali v kolónii, alebo v menších skupinkách. Keď jeden zastavili, ostatní naňho čakali.

Pochod tučniakov

Kráľovské tučniaky sú veľmi družné zvieratá, ktoré sa zdravia tak, že si navzájom škrabkajú bruchá.
(Foto: Daily Mail)
"Mohol som sa k nim priblížiť na vzdialenosť jedného metra. Niekedy boli zvedaví a so záujmom na mňa hľadali a pozorovali ma," dodal fotograf.
Kolónie kráľovských tučniakov sú bežné v Južnej Georgii po celý rok. Počas zimných mesiacov majú pobrežie len pre seba, od začiatku jari až do novembra sa o ne však delia s tuleňmi.
Južná Georgia je  zámorským územím Spojené kráľovstva v južnej časti Atlantického oceána.

Radio... THE BEST - plus linki :D

18. prosince 2010 v 15:54 Diary
Taaakze...ako by sompowedalaa.... chcem sa ospravedlnit za svoju pasivitu :D

a mam super darcek :D ja segra i Lyumi uz na to zavislacime...dlho :D mozno..hmm.. pat dni :D


odporucam hned to prve radio.. a potom ist i na ich official stranky :D www.seoul.fm => a potom plynulo prejst na tuto adresu :D http://seoul.fm/request/playing.html

AGB Nielsen Media reveals the highest ranking shows of the year

16. prosince 2010 v 13:37 News - k-pop :)
No toto sem nedat...take zaujimave..al emrte...futbal vedie :D

On December 15th, AGB Nielsen Media Research revealed its lists of the TV programs and variety shows with the most viewer ratings.

The TV programs with the highest ratings are:

1. SBS's "2010 World Cup" Korea vs. Argentina - 47.8%
2. SBS's "2010 World Cup" Korea vs. Greece - 45.7%
3. SBS's "2010 World Cup" Korea vs. Uruguay - 44.3%
4. SBS's "2010 World Cup" Korea vs. Nigeria - 39.5%
5. KBS 2TV's "Baker King Kim Tak Gu" - 36.7%
6. KBS 2TV's "Suspicious Brothers" - 34.6%
7. KBS 2TV's "Everybody Cha Cha Cha" - 33.4%
8. KBS 2TV's "Chuno" - 30.3%
9. KBS 2TV's "National Football Warm-Up" Korea vs. Japan - 28.2%
10. SBS 2TV's "2010 World Cup" Germany vs. Argentina - 26.5%

Variety program rankings are:

1. KBS 2TV's "Happy Sunday" - 23.4%
2. MBC's "Quiz to Change the World" - 17.8%
3. KBS 2TV's "Gag Concert" - 16.6%
4. MBC's "Infinity Challenge" - 15.7%
5. KBS 2TV's "Happy Together" - 15.5%

Source: TV Report via Nate, AGB Nielsen Media Research