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Září 2010

Beige reveals ‘Falling in Love with a Friend’ MV featuring Super Junior’s Ryeowook

30. září 2010 v 14:10 Korean singer
Jeej ... pekna oddychovka :D ale pre zalubenych :D

Beige reveals 'Falling in Love with a Friend' MV featuring Super Junior's Ryeowook

Having heard the full audio clip a few hours earlier, the full MV of Beige's duet with Super Junior's Ryeowook for 'Falling in Love with a Friend' has finally been released today.
The very sweet and easy-to-listen song is certainly pretty soothing to the ears and looks like a perfect confession song for those who are looking to move from being friends to a couple.

Se7en returns to M! Countdown with “I’m Going Crazy”

30. září 2010 v 14:07 SE7EN
JOOOO! Som taka stastna .. ja ho proste .. ach ♥

Se7en returns to M! Countdown with "I'm Going Crazy"

After an awesome run with his single, "Better Together," YG Entertainment solo artist Se7en is ready to hit the stage once more with his follow-up single, "I'm Going Crazy."
The MV for his follow-up track was released just yesterday, and it features his girlfriend, Park Han Byul. Though the artist was able to express a lot of emotion through acting in the MV, he was able to convey it even further on today's stage!

Co-Ed debuts on M! Countdown with “Too Late”

30. září 2010 v 14:04 Korean band
Nie su zli ... Som zvedava na dalsi eich vystupenia a pesnicky :D

Co-Ed debuts on M! Countdown with "Too Late"

Rookie group Co-Ed have been receiving a lot of buzz lately from their 3D MV showcase and teaser jacket photos. Not only that, fellow labelmates T-ara are also doing what they can to raise the anticipation for their debut.
Well, the wait is finally over. They have made their debut on M!Countdown with the track, "Too Late".

Want to bring JYJ to Europe? ČÍTAŤ POVINNÉ!

29. září 2010 v 19:38 News - k-pop :)


Want to bring JYJ to Europe?

We know, thanks to Analytics, that there's many K-pop fans in the great continent of Europe but unfortunately there isn't much opportunity for Europeans to get a glimpse of their favorite K-pop stars in person. Well, here's a chance for you to possibly make a difference.
Yesterday, JYJ (Jaejoong, Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu) announced the release of their upcoming global album titled "The Beginning". In addition to this, they also announced a 8 city new album showcase tour from the 15th of October to the end of November in both Asia and the United States… once again, Europe is off the list.
Tired of being ignored, European fans started a project called "Let's put Europe on the map!" They sent out various e-mails and a fan coordinator of JYJ's tour (Monica) responded to their emails. She stated that they would like to see how many European fans actually exist and how many are willing to travel through Europe to attend a possible concert. The survey where they're collecting this data can be found here.
If enough people participate, who knows… you might be seeing JYJ in a European country in the near future! I'm sure some of your favorite acts will also follow if JYJ were to put on a successful show. Remember to participate in the survey.

Jimmy Bondoc - Let me be the one

28. září 2010 v 18:33 England
uplne smutna pesnicka... pani... :'( a moje rozpolezenie sa velmi neproblizuje ani k optimalu.. a to nemam z chalana... po dlhej dobe som smutna.. ale ja som ... achjoo.. to by bolo na dlho a hlavne by ste si myslela, ze som blazon a citlivka...

Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes + lyrics

28. září 2010 v 17:53 England
Uzasna pesnicka .. a ja mam modre oci , takze sa ma to dotyka :) ..ale inak :'(

No one knows what it's like
To be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes
And no one knows
What it's like to be hated
To be fated to telling only lies


But my dreams they aren't as empty
As my conscience seems to be
I have hours, only lonely
My love is vengeance
That's never free

No one knows what its like

To feel these feelings
Like i do, and i blame you!
No one bites back as hard
On their anger
None of my pain and woe
Can show through


Discover l.i.m.p. say it
No one knows what its like
To be mistreated, to be defeated
Behind blue eyes
No one knows how to say
That they're sorry and don't worry
I'm not telling lies


No one knows what its like

To be the bad man, to be the sad man
Behind blue eyes.

Who’s that ‘goddess’ in Super Junior’s group photo?

28. září 2010 v 17:15 Super Junior

Who's that 'goddess' in Super Junior's group photo?

Super Junior member Kim Heechul recently uploaded a group photo on his Twitter.
In the photo, 9 of the members are present. After Kangin's enlistment, Hankyung's lawsuit, Kibum and Yesung being busy with their personal activities, there was just 9 members left, but Super Junior-M member Henry also joined in to make it 10.
What netizens found funny was that the 'goddess' that was leaning on Kyuhyun, was actually the one and only Heechul himself.
Netizens expressed various comments such as, "Who is that beautiful goddess in the picture?", "Where did Yesung go… it's nice to see that all of them are together", "Henry as well to make it 10! Cuties."

Supernova - pictures

27. září 2010 v 19:10 Supernova/ Cho Shin Sung
Ja nemam slov ♥♥♥
Cho Shin Sung
Cho Shin Sung

B2ST - Mastermind Mini Album

27. září 2010 v 18:24 Beast - download


B2ST - Mastermind Mini Album


Language: Korean
Release Date: 2010.09.28

01 Mastermind
02 숨
03 V.I.U (Very Important U)
04 Break Down
05 주먹을 꽉 쥐고


miss A reveals “Breathe” MV

27. září 2010 v 15:43 missA
Neexistuje stastnejsieho cloveka ako som ja :DDD
Jay Park..miss A ... a o chvilu B2ST.. zabudla som na niekoho? ..
ale ako sa tesiiiiiiiiim ♥♥♥

miss A reveals "Breathe" MV

miss A has been stimulating their fans with their hot teasers for their upcoming single album "Step Up" and their announcement of a comeback stage next week!
It's been confirmed that they will make their comeback through "M! Countdown" on October 7th, which is just around the corner. Park Jin Young himself wrote and composed their title track "Breathe."
The album is comprised of four songs: "Breathe," "Step Up," "Blankly" and "Play that Music DJ." Their title track, "Breathe" has the girls singing about how smitten they are over their love.

They've just released their MV, so check it out below!

Jay Park to release single on October 10th

27. září 2010 v 15:39 Jay Park
Dofrasa aj ja tam chcem ist :D


Jay Park to release single on October 10th

It seems fans of Jay Park won't have to wait for his debut much longer as he revealed today on Twitter that his single is only two weeks away from being officially released.
He posted, "A new single is in the midst of being produced. I'm feeling good." The singer also added, "New song written, it's nice to hear… The Quiet is making the last touches."
Jaebeom will perform his new single, entitled "Speechless", on stage at the Seoul Soul Festival 2010 on October 10. The song is reported to have been written and composed by a member of b-boy group Art of Movement named Cha Cha. Jaebeom himself is also a member of AOM.
The Seoul Soul Festival will feature other artists such as Sean Kingston, Se7en, Taeyang, DJ DOC, Supreme Team, UV, and Mad Soul Child.

Who is in charge of ‘aegyo’ in SHINee?

27. září 2010 v 15:37 SHINee - news

Who is in charge of 'aegyo' in SHINee?

We all know that to you fans, all five members of SHINee are adorable little munchkins, but what do the members think themselves?
On the most recent episode of KBS2TV's Nocturnal, Jonghyun, Minho, Key, and Taemin filled in for Onew, as he was busy with his musical rehearsals.
Along with the other MC's and guest, Kim Sung Ryeong, they decided to have a contest on who had the most charm. Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin soon stated, "You have to see Minho hyung's charm. He is responsible for that in our group."
Minho, who seemed embarassed, stated, "Why me?" However, he soon made adorable facial expressions and also performed the group's debut track, 'Noona is so Pretty'.
Who do you think is the most adorable in the group?

Fahrenheit - pictures

26. září 2010 v 17:43 Fahrenheit

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaj ♥ nemám slov .. i keď to nie sú Kórejci i tak ich zbožňujem :DDD

Homemade Kazoku - Nagareboshi Shooting Sta

26. září 2010 v 17:29 Japan
Poznáááááám juuu :DDDDDDDD
ale odkiaľ..prvé ,čo ma napadlo bol Naruto,ale neviem neviem..

T-ara - Bo Peep Bo Peep (Sexy Version)

26. září 2010 v 16:36 T- Ara
Nie sú zlééé....
Naozaj nie súú zlééééé ... :)
Oni.. sú naozaj dobréééé :) :)

Tereza Kerndlová - Schody z nebe

26. září 2010 v 15:41 SK + CZ
Včera iba tak pozeráme zo sestro Óčko či Musiq1 a tam zrazu táto pesnička. No jednoducho .. waaaaauuuu .. češké pesničky sa mi páčili i pred tým, ale po Tejto pesničke... možnože nemá dokonalý hlas..ale ten text :Da klip :)

Dilema .... a prianie :)

24. září 2010 v 19:22 Diary
Táákk.... som pevne rothodnutá, všetky načaté poviedky dokončiť. Len neviem , ktorú prvú... Aj keby si to NIKTO neprečítal, potrebujem cítiť dobrý pocit, že jedna začatá robota je za mnou :D

tak ... tieto dni sa hlavne budem sústrediť na to. A v utorok asi začínam brigádu, ktorej sa veľmi bojím, no potrebujem prachy a aspoň sa naučím pracovať s deťmi :D

Taak ... to je asi všetko , čo som chcela...

Prajem KRÁSNY VÍKEND !!!! :) :)

올빼미 (Owl) - No Cry No Love + Down. Album

24. září 2010 v 18:52 Nezaradení speváci / čky
Paniii .... pekná oddychovka :D taký slaďáčik :)

Download full CD

Karam CUT - Dance MagicGirl

21. září 2010 v 20:40 D-NA
A ten začiaaatok :D
Úpllneee zlatýýýý ♥♥♥
A jak stále padá ♥

I believe myself 11 - Prídem, veď vieš...

21. září 2010 v 20:31 I believe myself!
Takžeee... tu je ďalší dielik. Dúfam, že to niekto číta, lebo ma to baví písať :D
Hoci tento dielik.. ale baví :D

So Enjoy! :)

4minute - For Muzik Mini Album +Down.

21. září 2010 v 18:59 4minute
Wau! ♥

Cover 4minute

01 For Muzik
03 Hot Issue
04 What a girl wants
05 웃겨 (Funny)
06 안줄래 (Won't Give You)
07 Hot Issue (Remix)

Download full cd

Bada - "Mad" (Feat. Untouchable)

21. září 2010 v 18:51 Nezaradení speváci / čky
Hmmm... nie je to zlé.. je to..ako by som to .. ZAUJÍMAVÉ :)